How to Combine PDF Files in Mac and Windows

Combining different PDF files into a single file used to be a challenging task, but not anymore. If you are having different PDF files and you do not want to lose track of any of the files, the best way is to combine them into on single PDF document. However, the question remains how do you combine PDF documents into one single PDF file. In this guide, we discuss two possibilities, both for Mac and Windows.

If you are using Mac, you already have the already inbuilt tool in MacOS, nonetheless, you can opt for more flexible and full feature solutions if you purchase third-party applications. If you are using Windows, then you will need third-party apps that offer to edit and combine PDFs that you upload. However, this is not the method that we recommend. Your PDFs containing small metadata which potentially identify you and your system, and you may not want to provide such metadata to a website that offer free editing solution. The site may want to profit from your data in many ways that you may not like.

How to combine PDF files in Windows?

If you want to merge PDF files in Windows, you might wish that you had Mac, which gets the preview app to do the job done easily and quickly. Although Windows 10 allows you to view PDF files in Edge browser, it does not allow you to do anything with the PDF. To manage or merge PDF files in Windows, you will need a third party of Free limited productivity app or one of the best designed commercial applications. If you need are minimal, then you might consider using PDFsam. You can download the free version of the app. Besides, the spacious interface of the app allows you to choose among different functions like splitting and merging PDFs. With this app, you can always alternate from one page to another so that you can create a single PDF document.

But, it is worthy to note that the interface is not easy to use as the thumbnail view in other commercial apps or Adobe Reader. In order to use this file, you only need to install the free app, drag and drop the PDF files and they will be added into a list. Once done, you will have to figure out how the pages should be arranged and organize them into a flow. Once ready to combine the PDFs, click on Run button and the files will be combined into one.

How to combine PDF files in Mac?

Unlike in Windows, MacOS has an inbuilt and modest-looking Preview app that allow users to combine files easily. In order to combine to PDF files in Preview, you have to make a copy of original file and working with a duplicate. This is just to take precautions not to lose your original document in case something goes wrong.

You will start by opening the duplicate file. However, if the thumbnails of the file are not visible, click on View Menu to switch them on. Next, drag and add additional files into the sidebar and drop them on the position in the file where you want them to be at; wither at the start, between or end of any two existing pages.

However, if you want to combine a few pages from a second PDF, then you will need to open the PDF file in a different window and drag the thumbnails into your first file. In MacOS, you have the leverage to select continuous page by performing a Shift-click. Additionally, you can as well CMD-click on different pages in order to select pages from anywhere in the file. In the event some pages get imported in the wrong orientation, you can use Preview's tool bar to rotate them.


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How to Combine PDF Files?

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